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Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde.

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Why do teens need therapy? 

Therapy can be a helpful and sometimes essential tool to help teenagers navigate their way through this transitional period of becoming independent individuals.

Adolescents may often experience inner conflicts during this period of psychological and physical growth and as a result be left feeling overwhelmed emotionally. Relationships play a significant role during this stage of life as well as this informs our self-worth and how we also view ourselves in relation to others (friends and family). 

Therapy with adolescents can be complex as there needs to be a safe and confidential space for the young person to express themselves and make sense of their experiences and feelings, while parental feedback needs to be considered at the same time. 

Parental guidance is often very valuable to enable the different significant individuals in the young person's life to support them optimally.

While every relationship goes through ups and downs, toxic relationships are consistently unpleasant and emotionally taxing for the people in it.  

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Please note that this is not a formal assessment, but merely a screening tool for you as a parent to identify if your teen might benefit from seeing a professional.

Common problems
teens seek help for

Mood - especially depression and anxiety.

Behavioural problems.

School related issues / academics.

Social-related issues & bullying.

Sexual identity.


Family related problems - conflict in the house / divorce.



Psychologists available for
adolescent therapy.


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