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About Us

Psych Central was established in 2019 with head psychologist Christel Roets, and has a carefully curated team of associate psychologists.

We offer high quality psychotherapy in-person and online in Rivonia, Sandton.


We also offer an array of services such as online courses on various mental health topics, support groups, and a mental health podcast.


Meet Christel

I have been in private practice for more than 6 years and oversee a carefully curated team of practitioners.


I never envisioned myself being a business woman, but luckily married someone who did.


We have spent the past 3 years building a community for both psychologists and clients where they can feel supported and taken care of and I am extremely proud to call this my home.

Being a psychologist is about so much more to me than listening to people and helping them with their problems. To me, being a psychologist is about helping people find themselves, building a relationship with themselves and discovering parts of themselves that they never knew existed, with the hope of making life more manageable and fulfilling. 


My goal is to provide an environment where therapists can also embark on this self-discovery with regards to their career and being a psychologist. 


Meet Ruvey

There are two things in life that I am most passionate about - personal development and business. With those two meeting, Psych Central was born. 

We have spent the past 5 years building a platform where psychologists can build a successful private practice, while having all the support and benefits of being a part of a bigger community. 

I am responsible for the innovation and growth of Psych Central and work on this on an ongoing basis - ensuring that our clients get the best possible care, while all of the semantics run smoothly in the background. Ensuring that we are up to date with everything tech-wise. 

We take care of everything we can, leaving our psychologists and clients comfortable with a process that can be very tedious. 

I am committed to continuing this development and training our admin staff to give the best services that we possibly can. 



Meet Our Admin Team


Cailin Bennallack

New Client Liason Officer


066 208 0919


Celine Knipe

Existing Client Liason Officer



066 215 9148


Litisha Naidoo

Existing Client Liason Officer



066 215 9148


Rohynne Barnard




064 907 9957

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