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While the rest of the world is slowing down due to COVID 19,

Psych Central is expandingand we're looking for practitioners.

Please Note: We have limited space for the programme, and entries will automatically be closed once this limit has been reached. Continue to sign up

Join one of the fastest growing 'Mental Health Networks' Globally.

Joining Psych Central is not just an income, it's a vision, a chance to impact the world.


First, let's give you a quick introduction to Psych Central.

Psych Central was established in 2019 with Head Psychologist, Christel Roets, and Business Coach, Ruvey Roets.

We started Psych Central due to an identified 'gap' in the market. We recognised the lack of training offered to mental health professionals, AFTER they've qualified, thus decided to develop a programme called 'The Post Comm-Serve Training Programme'.


The uniqueness of the programme was well received among many professionals in the industry, and its growth, in such a short period of time, has been vast.


This programme, currently in operation has proven to be immensely effective and it's expansion beyond it's current capacity has become inevitable.



Ruvey Roets

Managing Director

Christel Roets

Head Psychologist


Recently, we've noticed an even bigger 'gap' in the market.

We noticed that many professionals have the desire to start their own Private Practices, but they don't know where to start and how to manage all of the different elements of a business.

In response to this 'gap', we decided to develop a programme which forms part of a global structure, where practitioners are guided and supported step-by-step to starting their own private practices, all within the supportive structure and brand establishment of Psych Central.


This new training programme, called 'The Pro Affiliate Programme', is gaining momentum and will soon become the future of Private Practice globally.


First, let's establish why you'd want to become an 'Affiliate', and what this means?


Because you want to practice WITHOUT borders.


The lack of support beyond a university degree and Community Service / Internship, has had such a negative impact on the industry for various reasons.

As a result, professional practitioners like yourself, lack the confidence to step out into the business world and successfully practice without borders.

These 'borders' not only damp your scope of practice, but also your earning potential.


Psych Central's '3-step programme' called 'The Pro Affiliate Programme'.

This programme let's practitioners join Psych Central's established hub, while maintaining independence.

We guide you every step of the way, AND provide continues training and support.

It feels as if you're employed, yet you're running your own independent private practice.


To join Psych Central, you need to complete step 1 to step 3 of 'The Pro Affiliate Programme'.



Complete the 'Blueprint' Course

This 'Blueprint', is a 30-day online course created by the founders of Psych Central. It's a unique approach to 'Private Practice', that will teach you how to build a practice and gain 50 new clients in 1 month. It's a tried and tested recipe that GUARANTEES SUCCESS in private practice.

It was developed in accordance with an exact science, based on 15 years of business experience.

And, it's NOT just an 'empty shell', once successfully completed, you'll have a fully functional private practice with all the 'bells & whistles'.

You'll get your own fully integrated website and personal email address, together with business cards, office signage, letterheads, form templates, and much more.

You'll also get optional access to advanced admin support, such as medical aid claims and online payments. (Subject to practice location limitations.)

And finally, once you meet all the criteria, you'll advance to STEP 2 and become a 'Psych Central Independent Practitioner'



Join Psych Central as an 'Independent Practitioner'

After successful completion of the 'Blueprint', we'll have your back.

First of, we'll continue with the support in step 1.

Then, you automatically become part of Psych Central's massive 'referral network' of professionals, all collectively working together towards a single goal.

Again, not just an 'empty shell', we'll allocate 3 brand new clients to you to 'kick start' your practice.

This means that 3 single sessions will pay for the 'Blueprint', which indirectly means that you're getting back, the money spent on the 'Blueprint'.

Thereafter, we'll continue to refer clients on a regular basis. This is on top of your own generated clients based on the marketing training that you got in the 'Blueprint' online course.


You'll also gain exclusive access to our 'Affiliate Courses' including, 'How to develop your own online courses', and 'How to set up your own Group Practice.

Once you complete these courses and meet the criteria, you'll advance to STEP 3 and become a 'Psych Central Pro Affiliate'.

At this point, you're doing WELL ;-)



Become a PRO Affiliate' of Psych Central

Psych Central is expanding rapidly and quickly becoming the largest hub of mental health practitioners. Our goal is to advance the mental health industry through 'Open-Source' practice, by empowering passionate individuals through structured support.

By becoming a 'Pro Affiliate', you automatically become a part of this global goal, where you'll have the chance to really shine.

You'll get exposed to public eventssell your own online courses to earn continuous passive income, and finally, the option to expand into a group practice, managing your own group of professionals through the 'Psych Central Hub'.

With all the changes happening in the world, you'll definitely want to get ahead of the crowds and establish an international brand with Psych Central that will guarantee success and continued growth.

Please Note: We have limited space for the programme, and entries will automatically be closed once this limit is reached. Continue to sign up


Both qualified, and unqualified individuals in the industry. Whether you're still a student, busy with practicals, or qualified & registered.

Psych Central's main goal is to empower professionals with the skills needed to become confident and independent practitioners. Thus, we're looking for people with vision, with drive, and, with passion.



There are absolutely NO REQUIREMENTS to complete the 'Blueprint', however, to be able to advance to STEP 2 and join Psych Central as an 'Independent Practitioner', once you've completed STEP 1, you'll need to be qualified, and registered.

Make sure you 'hit the ground running', once the 'Lock-down' ends. You can start the 'Blueprint' Online Course today.




We recommend completing the 'Blueprint' online course to anyone that's in the process of completing a relevant qualification, whether actively studying, or completing their Community Service / Internship. This way you can secure a position in Psych Central as we can only accommodate a certain number of practitioners.

Continue to Step 1



This 'blueprint' is based on actual results generated by Psych Central, and forms part of our current, and very successful 'Post Comm-Serve Training Programme'.

Blueprint Screenshot..png

PART 1 of the Blueprint

Part 1 of the 'Blueprint' will require you to sign up for an online course that will teach you step-by-step, how to start your own private practice. It will include everything, from finding a location, to marketing, to submitting claims.

You will have exclusive access to the online course for as long as you are subscribed, even after you've completed the course successfully.

This course is not timed and you may work through the content in your own time, however, some of the content will be 'dripped', meaning that you cannot complete the course in less time than intended. If you complete a section of the course in under the allocated time, then you'll have to wait for the next section to be released.

Note that this is a paid subscription service, as it comes with continued service deliverance and 24/7 tech and business support.

Part 2 of The Blueprint

Once you've signed up to the online course, you'll be redirected to a comprehensive online form that you'll need to complete as thoroughly as possible, as this information will be used to build your very own personalised website, mobile app, Email Address, and to create your online presence.

This website and mobile app will be fully optimised and integrated with advanced functionality such as:

  • An Online Booking System

  • Automatic Email Responses and Reminders

  • Online Session Integration. (Great during a national 'lock-down'.)

  • Invoice and Quotation System

  • Online Payment System

  • Clients Can Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel their Sessions Online.

  • Map Integration

  • Blog Integration - Write your own blog

  • Events Integration - Manage your own Workshops & Events

Below is an example of the personal website that you'll get once you sign up to the 'Blueprint' online course.


Fully optimised for mobile view


Your clients can download your personalised Mobile App and manage their own appointments and notifications.


A Personalised, Professional Email Address

Part 3 of The Blueprint

Once you sign up for the 'Blueprint', you automatically gain access to full tech and business support. This means that you'll be able to consult with the programme developer at any time as long as you are subscribed to the 'Blueprint' programme.

Then, once you've completed the online course, and have your practice up & running, we'll immediately start optimising your website and online footprint through integrations such as:

  • Google analytics

  • Google Webmaster Tools

  • Google My Business

  • Google Ads

Part 4 of The Blueprint

And finally, the last part of the 'Blueprint', where you'll see the result of your commitment and hard work.

Once you've completed the online course, have set up your fully functional private practice, and we've fully integrated your website, mobile app, and online presence, you'll advance to STEP 2 of 'The Pro Affiliate Programme'.

Once we've identified that all of the requirements have been met, we'll add you to our database of independent practitioners. (Congrats, you are now in STEP 2)

  • We will print and deliver personalised signage to the value of R3,000 ($200), at NO EXTRA CHARGE. This may consist of 'outside signage' and 'office door signage'. (Note that this might be required to get listed on 'Google Maps'.) (Subject to location limitations)

  • Next, we'll design, print, and deliver 50 personalised business cards to your door. (NO EXTRA CHARGE) (Subject to location limitations) (Digital copies will be available)

  • We'll also send you personalised, digital, letterheads, form templates and email signatures.

  • Now, we'll allocate 3 clients to you that can become your permanent clients.

  • We'll also continue to refer clients to you on a regular basis.

  • The technical and business support will continue

  • You'll gain exclusive access to our 'Independent Practitioner's Courses', required to advance to STEP 3, including:

Advanced Marketing

Developing online courses

Building and running a group practice




You automatically gain access to your own personalised 'soft-copy' version of all the forms necessary to run your practice, such as 'Intake Forms and 'Consent Forms'.

Ass an optional extra service, you'll gain access to Psych Central's advanced online form functionality that you can use to send the forms to clients and have them electronically sign a copy.


This eliminates paper trails, printing costs, and it saves a ton of time.


(Subject to location Limitations)

This may be by far the biggest benefit of the entire 'Blueprint'.

One of the keys to success is to make the experience of therapy as seamless as possible.

This can be accomplished by claiming directly from your clients' medical aid funds, but the hassle of registering and submitting claims are painstaking, and this is what Psych Central can do FOR YOU.

Psych Central can submit all claims on your behalf so you don't have to deal with medical aid suppliers.

Again, there are some admin charges that will apply.


You can also make use of Psych Central's integrated online 'Pay Portal'. This allows clients to pay for a session upfront or upon receiving an invoice, using their debit/credit cards.

This streamlines the payment process so you'll be sure to get paid on time without having to check your bank statements  for EFT payments.

Of Course, this feature involves some minor admin costs so be sure to enquire before making use of this feature. 




Either a smartphone, Tablet or computer


Data Connection


Active Subscription to the Online Course.



30 Days

This is an estimate, as there is no time limit on the course and you can complete it in your own time.

However, we will 'drip' the content in specific intervals which limits your pace slightly.



R1,450 ($79)

This is a monthly subscription and include all services mentioned above, subject to certain conditions and limitations.

Remember, your first 3 clients will generate enough income in 1 week to cover this course completely

Once you're ready to continue with the online course, click on "START THE COURSE NOW" below.


You'll be redirected to '' where you'll be required to sign up.

Please Note: We have limited space for the programme, and entries will automatically be closed once this limit is reached. Continue to sign up

Don't wait, use this 'Lock-down' time to get ahead by completing the 'Blueprint' Course online.

Once you've completed the online course, you'll be issued with a 'certificate of completion', and we'll communicate further instructions via email.