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Psych Central Hiking Club
Psych Central Hiking Club
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Join Psych Central's Hiking Club and enjoy the fresh air of the Magaliesberg with a 5km hike and a picnic in nature, and ending off with a light mindfulness exercise & meditation. LIMITED SPACE FOR OUR NEXT EVENT
31 Jan 2021, 08:00 – 12:00
Hennops Hiking & Mtb Trails,
R511, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa


Image by Dannii Coughlan

The purpose of this event is to gain balance in our lives, and to connect, not only with others, but also with ourselves. The best way to get 'out of one's head', is to change the environment. Our conscious minds are slaves to our subconscious minds, which run on a program based on past events and circumstances, which delivers the same emotions, which leads to the same actions, causing the same outcomes, and very soon nothing changes. In order to change our lives and how we feel, we first need to change how we think & act.


Who should attend?


Everyone who wants to, and is able to. We want to create a space for our clients and practitioners to connect outside of the regular therapeutic space.

NOTE: Due to COVID19 regulations, we can only accommodate a certain amount of people per event.


Who should NOT attend?


Unfortunately this even involves walking over rough terrain, so mobility and sound physical health will be required. We recommend that you ask your physician if this event is be suited for you before buying a ticket.



Where is the venue?


The hike will commence from a well known hiking venue in the Magaliesberg, called Hennops. This venue offers different activities, trails, and some wildlife. See map and address below:

Where will we meet?

Own transport is required. We will all meet up at the Hennops venue in the parking area at 8am. The hike will commence at 8:30 sharp, so please ensure that you are on time.

How long will it take?

Generally a 2 hour trek should take you no more that 2 hours, but might take longer due to the larger group of people, as well as the mini picnic and mindfulness exercise.



Can I bring someone?


Definitely! Feel free to bring along your partner, friend, or family member. Please note that one ticket allows access to only one person, so a ticket will be required for each participant.

Unfortunately no pets



Can I bring my kids?


This specific event will be limited to teens (16+) and adults only, due to safety regulations. We will be sure to host another event that will cater for the little ones.



What do I need?


  • Comfortable light clothing

  • Comfortable shoes (Running/hiking shoes preferably)

  • A light backpack

  • Water & Snacks



How much does it cost?


Tickets cost R200 each which covers your entry fee to the venue, a picnic pack and a mindfulness exercise.


What will I get?


The ticket fee covers your entry fee at the venue, as well as a picnic pack and a mindfulness exercise.



You will be assigned a 'buddy', who you'll be asked to keep an eye on during the hike. This person will in turn keep an eye on you and report to the assigned marshals if something is wrong.

You will be asked to wear your mask when gathering, and can remove your mask once you are separated from the group and maintain the approved social distance.



How do I pay?


You can pay online when buying a ticket. All payments are processed online through our secure pay portal.



Can I get a refund, and how?


If you request a refund 7 days prior to the event, then we’ll gladly refund your money.

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