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Psych Central Reaches 10,000+ People monthly, why not sell your knowledge to them

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What is Passive income?

Passive income is money you earn while not actively giving up your time. You can earn money while you're sleeping.

With Psych Central's platform, marketing and blueprint you can start earning money in no time.

Selling your course for R500 may not seem like a lot, but selling it to a thousand people gives you R500,000.

Think about that

How Does It Work?

The Application

First you need to complete our online application. Here, we will ask you a few important questions regarding your areas of interest and extent of expertise, to establish if it fits in with Psych Central's values.


The Blueprint

Once we've identified you as an expert in your field, we'll send you a 'blueprint'. This blueprint is a structured document that guides you to write down your proposed course content in the structure provided. 

The Transfer

After submitting your blueprint, we will design the artwork and start with the video recording preparation.

Remember, all of our courses are video based, so you need to comfortable to talk to the camera.

Man Filming Video

The Video

Once we're done with the final structure, we'll schedule a date with you to come into our studio for video recording. Don't worry, we'll organize everything for you, and you'll have proper guidance.

Allow a full working day for the recording.

Once the recording is done, it is our responsibility to do the editing, and finalize your program/course. And finally, we'll add your course to our database and start marketing so you can start earning.

Payment For Courses

Remember that the market determines the selling price of your course and not Psych Central. In other words we'll come up with a valuation of your course and sell it at that specific price.

However, we continuously monitor the sales and ask our customers for feedback in order to improve our services. This might mean that we need to lower the selling price of your course in order to make sales.

You will be entitled to 40% of the selling price of each sale, and will be paid out monthly in bulk.


Your Course's

Selling Price


Total Income Generated

Your Income/Month





We will keep you updated with the selling price as it may change periodically.

Why do we take 60%?

  • Platform

  • Blueprint & Structure

  • Videography

  • Editing & Design

  • Marketing & Research

  • Sales & Admin

  • Continued Support