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Turn Your Expertise Into Passive Income

Create and sell your own online courses with Psych Central.

Psych Central Reaches 40,000+ People monthly, why not sell your knowledge to them

Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat

What is Passive income?

Passive income is money you earn while not actively giving up your time. You can earn money while you're sleeping or even being a mom.

With Psych Central's platform and marketing you can start earning money in no time.

It is also a great way to reach more people, imagine if you can help a thousand people every single day.

How Does It Work?

The Application

First you need to complete our quick online application. Here, we will ask you a few important questions regarding your areas of interest and extent of expertise to establish if it's a good fit for Psych Central's clients. If it is, we'll let you know

Filling Out a Form

The Agreement

Next, well send you a short agreement to sign, protecting your intellectual property so that it remains your work.

Please note that your work needs to be original and where necessary, please add the relevant references.

Building Your Course

Next, we'll send you the instructions to register your account on our website, and then how to start building your course.

Once you've completed your course, we'll review it before we make it live and start promoting it to our clients.

Team Task


Once everything is done, we need to do some research to see if the market wants the content, and what they'll be willing to pay for it.

Remember, we need to constantly listen to the market and make the needed adjustments.

Once everything is done, we'll activate your course on our website and mobile app, and start promoting it. So at this point, you can sit back and relax while letting your expertise reach the right people.

Payment For Courses

Remember that the market determines the selling price of your course and not Psych Central. In other words we'll come up with a valuation of your course and sell it at that specific price.

However, we continuously monitor the sales and ask our customers for feedback in order to improve our services. This might mean that we need to lower the selling price of your course in order to make sales.

You will be entitled to 50% of the selling price of each sale, and will be paid out monthly in bulk.

We'll also provide you with a detailed monthly report generated by our website.


Your Course's

Selling Price


Total Income Generated

Your Income/Month





We will keep you updated with the selling price as it may change periodically.

Why do we take 50%?

  • Transaction Cost

  • Platform Cost

  • Videography if Needed

  • Editing & Design

  • Marketing & Research

  • Sales & Admin

  • Continued Support

The biggest cost factor for Psych Central is marketing, we invest thousands into marketing in order to generate relevant leads and convert them into sales.

Bar Chart


What are we looking for?


We're looking for professionals who have certain expertise that can benefit others, especially in the mental health space.


Do I need to be a psychologist?


No you don't, this is for any individual who has certain expertise. However, remember that your content will be revised by a psychologist for approval. Furthermore, the best evaluation of your content, its value and relevancy, is the public, which will be evident by the popularity of your course.



Where do I start?


There are a lot of people with valuable expertise, but they lack the know-how or confidence to turn it into a usable online course, that is why we've created this platform. All you need to do is to click the button below and complete our online form. We'll send you clear instructions after that.

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