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This is a guided meditation & breathwork journey, recorded by Christel Roets, a clinical psychologist and breathwork enthusiast. 

The goal of this breathwork and guided meditation journey is to reconnect with yourself and your body. Listening more deeply. Feeling more deeply. And releasing what is necessary. It might bring up some discomfort or emotions, so be gentle with yourself and just allow yourself the space. 


If you are already in your own therapy, it might be helpful to take some reflections to your sessions and discuss there, should it be necessary. 


It is recommended that you do this lying down, in a safe and private space. Have a blanket or warm socks close by as your body temperature might drop. 


If you at any point feel that it is too hard to keep up with the breathwork, you can do normal breathing and merely follow the guided meditation, or resume breathwork when you feel ready to. 


Some points to reflect on or journal after this mediation: 


1. What was my experience of this journey?
2. What information did my body give me about how I am doing?

3. What do I need to hear more of from myself/ give myself more of?

Guided Breathwork & Meditation - Cyclic breathing

VAT Included
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