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Post Comm Serve / Internship Psychology Program

Currently we have 2 branches in Gauteng, in Rivonia Sandton, and Menlyn Pretoria.


Please note that space may be limited at selected branches.

Thank you for showing interest in joining our team of psychologists at Psych Central. We're excited to work with you and to help you grow.





Psych Central offers a comprehensively structured program to newly qualified psychologists, to prepare them for private practice.


If you are interested to find out how to join our program, continue reading, and click apply at the bottom of this page.

Before we dive into the program specifics, we'd like to tell you a little bit more about us, and the services we offer.

About Psych Central

Psych Central was incorporated in 2019, with head psychologist Christel Roets. Psych Central is multi-faceted with two main functions. We offer mental health care services to the general public in the private sector, and we also offer a supportive platform for newly qualified, mental health care practitioners.


Psych Central was incorporated due to a gap in the industry, being insufficient support for qualified mental health practitioners, after completing their community service. It can be a daunting and difficult task to start up a private practice with little to no support, and that’s the gap we aim to bridge.

We’ve set out to accomplish this task by designing a structured program that is guaranteed to equip independent mental healthcare practitioners with the needed skills, and in an environment, that will give them the confidence required to flourish in private practice.



Christel ROETS

Christel is a registered clinical psychologist in private practice. She holds an MA. in Clinical Psychology and has worked at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital, community clinics as well as private practice for the past 4 years. She acts as head psychologist of Psych Central, and is responsible for supervisory support to independent psychology practitioners, as well as intermittent training in the area of business and psychology.


Within Psych Central, Christel is also responsible for the structural and operational functioning, including the selection of required skills offered by third party service providers, in order to effectively execute the duties of Psych Central that aligns with our overall vision and mission, and to the best interest of the public.


THE Program

Our mission is to provide independent practitioners with all the tools, equipment and training necessary to grow into a well skilled and confident, private practitioner, by providing a safe and supportive environment where they can slowly build up the confidence needed, and acquire the necessary competencies to practice independently, all whilst earning an income.

Mental Health Services

By offering this program, we in turn aim to deliver the highest quality of mental health services to the general public in the private sector, through a diverse set of skills with the help of third-party practitioners. We endeavour to provide our services to the best interest of those in need of such service.

The Program

The program is a unique initiative, in that it allows our practitioners to determine their own working schedules, practice from their preferred perspectives, and building personal relationships with their clients, all whilst we take care of the tedious admin, marketing, and business related issues. This minimizes the risk and efforts for you, the psychologist, and maximizes your time to practice your passion, and generating income.


However, in order for this program to be beneficial, it is advised to commit wholly to Psych Central, in other words, if you do not spit your time between different practices or ventures, and also by allocating ample available time to allow your client base to grow.

Psych Central has become well known for its ability to generate new clients, which is based on more than 15 years of business experience. Make sure you benefit from that by joining one of our well established group practices.

Please note that we have limited space, and with 2021 around the corner, our spots are filling up quickly. Currently our Rivonia branch is full, and we have a few open spots in Menlyn Pretoria.



Well, to start off with, you will get PAID for the service you deliver to Psych Central.


You will gain access to a fully furnished, private office in a well-established, private, psychology practice in the heart of Rivonia, Sandton. Our practice comes with all the bell’s & whistles needed to perform optimally as you were trained to.


You will be awarded with your very own set of professionally designed business cards, letter heads, and a personal email address, adding to your quality skills and professionalism. We will also provide you with all the necessary stationary, including client files and writing material.


You will be added to Psych Central’s website and we’ll create your very own profile page, displaying your bio, qualifications, accomplishments and area of specialization.


You will get access to our established client base, as well as our effective marketing strategies and corporate budget, driving new clients to you. All FREE of charge.


Psych Central also takes care of all the administrative duties, so you can focus on delivering commendable services to the clients. No following up with clients, no dealing with medical aids, and no worrying about getting new clients through the door. We’ll also provide sufficient safeguard for all client files.


Individual supervision also forms part of our training program and will be provided at no additional cost to you. You will thus have access to individual supervision on a bi-weekly basis and a peer supervision group on a monthly basis. Should you wish to consult with an independent supervisor, this will be at your own cost. 


Saving the best for last – Should you stay with us beyond 12 months, you will move into a more senior role and we'll revise your rate, subject to your individual performance, and Psych Central's overall performance.


And just to top it all off, access to FREE beverages throughout the day, so you’ll be rejuvenated all day long. 😉


  • You will gain access to training in business practice, covering strategically selected and formulated topics, from business setup to client management and retention. We will cover the in’s & out’s of running your own private practice successfully.

  • General training on various, often overseen, yet important topics such as writing referrals, admissions, assessments, etc. We’ll also provide access to a list of credible practitioners, sometimes needed outside of your scope like psychiatrists or forensic practitioners.

  • Training on how to extend your acquired skills beyond one-on-one consultations, by teaching you how to develop and sell your own online courses and workshops, not only locally, but to the international market as well. We'll provide the training and the platform. Earning passive income has never been easier.

  • This program will also allow you access to a well organized, peer supervision group once a month, as well as bi-weekly individual supervision sessions, which has proven to be invaluable in the private practice setting.


In short, through paid service delivery to Psych Central within the scope of your qualification and training. In other words, providing a professional service as per a service-level agreement to Psych Central.

Becoming part of our team and joining our program happens in two stages:


Get Added To Our Database

Just follow the link at the bottom of this page. From there, you will be required to complete and submit an application form.


We will then evaluate your application and correspond accordingly. If you’ve been successful, we will give you a call to set up a formal interview.


After the formal interview, we will again evaluate your application and correspond accordingly. If you’ve been successful, you will be added to our database of approved service providers. Your  basic detail will also be added to Psych Central’s website for public viewing.


Sign a Service-Level Agreement

Once you’ve been added to our database of approved service providers, we might contact you  to make use of your professional services by signing a service-level agreement.


We generally sign 1-month service-level agreements, after which time we'll evaluate our need for your service, together with your overall performance, before signing a new service-level agreement for the subsequent month.

It is however common that our psychologists all continue indefinitely, which is mostly determined by their performance and availability. So, if you commit to Psych Central, you'll quickly be practicing on a more permanent basis.


  • Masters degree in psychology.

  • Completed Community Services (for clinical psychologists) or internship (for counselling & educational psychologists).

  • Registered with the HPCSA as an independent practitioner.

  • Willing to provide individual therapy to adults. You may specify whether you're able to work with children, adolescents, couples or families.

  • You may be required to provide the following services, but not be limited to:

    • Individual treatment processes with clients, coordinating and implementing treatment plans

    • Professional administration and process notes.

    • Psychological assessments (as per your scope of practice)

  • Have regular supervision (recommended X2 per month) This service will be provided by Psych Central, subject to our scope, skill set and availability. (This service is NOT guaranteed)

  • Attend compulsory peer supervision groups at the practice, once a month, or as required.

  • Comply with CPD guidelines as set by the HPCSA.

  • Be willing to service a multi-cultural and diverse client base. Psych Central is an inclusive practice and would require practitioners to be non-discriminatory with regards to gender, race, culture, sexuality or religion.

  • You need to be fluent, (Read, Write & Speak) English. (Any additional languages will be beneficial)








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