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Couples with Skateboards

Couples Therapy

Helping people create loving & supportive relationships


The purpose of couple’s therapy is to help you navigate your relationship towards a loving and supportive partnership, where you feel safe enough to let go of all of your defenses and grow together.


Each person deserves a companion/s who’s got your back in any situation, and who is committed to solving your problems together, while embarking on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Before You Start Therapy

We’ve put together an interactive short course for couples that serves as the foundation for therapy.


We recommend that you complete this short course with your partner before booking a session.

This course should take you and your partner no more than 2 -3 hours, but you get the equivalent content of about 6 sessions with a therapist.

Clinical Psychologist Christel Roets Psych Central Best Therapist Counsellor Near Me Onlin

Presented by Christel Roets,

Founder & Clinical Psychologist at Psych Central

Christel Roets is a clinical Psychologist with more than 7 years’ experience in the field. She is also the founder of Psych Central with more than 50 active psychologists practicing across South Africa.

“Through my work with clients from all walks of life, I have realized that relationships are at the core of our mental wellbeing. It is therefore essential that we nurture our relationships with much care and allow ourselves to continuously grow within our relationships as we become different versions of ourselves.”

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What will I learn?


This course will mainly focus on the fundamentals of relationships, which in essence starts with ourselves. People think they know themselves, until they look in a mirror. This course is THAT mirror.


Course Outline





  1. Your Blueprint to Relationships.

  2. Attachment Styles.

  3. Trauma.



   4. Your Temperament.

   5. Our Fear of Rejection.

   6. Our Core Beliefs.

   7. Eliminating Negative Beliefs.

   8. Exposure.

   9. Vulnerability.

  10. Your Self-Image.

  11. Acceptance of Ourselves.



  12. Trust.

  13. Boundaries.



  14. Love Languages.

  15. Communication.

  16. Conflict Management.



  18. Sex.

  19. Reasons Couples Have Conflict About Sex.

  20. The Importance of Sex & Some Hard Truths.



  21. Abusive Relationships.

  22. The Victim.

  23. Fixing the Abuse.


Will I still need therapy after completing this course?


Definitely. Even though you’ll learn a lot from this course, you’ll still need that ‘sound board’, to help you make sense of it all. However, you’ll definitely shorten the amount of sessions you’ll need, and the value you’ll gain from therapy AFTER completing this course will be invaluable. Therapy, however is not compulsory, and if you feel that this course was enough for you to start off with, it is also okay to wait until you feel it is necessary or you are ready for couples therapy.

What if I don't complete this course before therapy?

You can always skip this step and dive into couples therapy, however, this course serves to lower your defenses so that the therapy work is more effective and lasting.

How long will it take?

The course material should take you no more than 2 -3 hours to work through, depending on how much time you spend on each topic and exercise.



Is this for any type of couple?


Absolutely, it doesn't matter what the dynamic of your relationship looks like, whether it consists of 2 people or more, because the focus of this course is understanding oneself and becoming a better partner for someone else. This course will also be beneficial regardless of the phase of your relationship, you might have recently gone through a breakup and want to work through the course alone, be in a new relationship, or have known your partner for 20 years. 


What do I need?


  • A pen & paper to write down reflections.


How much does it cost?


The entire course costs R1,200 per couple.



How do I pay?


You can pay online when buying a ticket. All payments are processed online through our secure pay portal.



This course does not intent to replace therapy, it merely serves as an aid to improve the quality of therapy after you've completed the course.

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