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Psych Central Directory

Joining forces to create jobs and provide affordable mental healthcare & personal development to all those in need.

Now open to all qualified professionals

Counsellors |  Coaches |  Social Workers |  Industrial Psychologists |  Occupational Therapists

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Struggling as a

Qualified Professional?

  • Don't know what to do once qualified?

  • Struggling to find employment?

  • Struggling to find clients?

  • Don't know how to set up a practice?

  • Don't know how to do marketing?

And the list goes on...

Psych Central's Directory might just be the answer.

What is the

Psych Central Directory?

First off, we want to partner with other professionals in the mental healthpersonal development and social service space in South Africa, but we could not accommodate all practitioners, that's why we've created the Psych Central Directory. You need to be listed on the directory which will already be of tremendous value to you, and from there we will choose practitioners to partner with on a selective basis.

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Throughout Psych Central's existence we've had the opportunity to connect with, not only individuals looking for affordable mental health supportpersonal development and social service, but also businesses recognizing the need for such services for their employees, and although we currently service a number of these businesses, mainly through psychotherapy, the businesses itself cannot always maintain the high cost of psychotherapy, and frankly, in many cases these people often need more than just therapy, they need counselling support, social guidance and personal development.

Some businesses & organizations prefer to employ these professionals, and others will sign a contract with freelance service providers.

This means that there are 2 avenues for success

  • Individuals looking for affordable help, or something different.

  • Businesses/Organisations looking for affordable services for their employees.

We've basically created a freelance platform for counsellorscoachessocial workers, industrial psychologists and occupational therapists, which means that we build relationships with individualsbusiness owners & organisations in the corporate space, and offer them their pick from our curated database of professionals.

Because our directory forms part of Psych Central which is already known as the mental health & personal development hub, this is where you need to be to get discovered.

The best part of this is that more than often you'll retain that budget from a business or organization, unlike servicing an individual, who is likely to prioritize something else above their own wellbeing, which means you'll need to constantly find new clients.

Psych Central


For practitioners listed on the Psych Central Directory, we do not get involved with the administration side of your employment or business practice, because frankly you don't need us for that, we just bring you & your employer/clients together and leave the rest up to you.

Directory Criteria

  • You need to be a qualified counsellor, coach or social worker, industrial psychologist or occupational therapist.

  • Be part of a professional governing/regulatory body.

Directory Benefits

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Psych Central


Practitioners that are part of the Psych Central Partnership will have access to other administrative services and benefits. We'll take care of all your admin & marketing.

Partnership Criteria

  • You need to be a qualified counsellor, coach or social worker, industrial psychologist or occupational therapist.

  • Be part of a professional governing/regulatory body.

  • You need to be listed on the Psych Central Directory for at least 3 months.

  • You need to have an average of 10 active clients per week.

  • You need to have at least 15 hours available per week.

Partnership Benefits

  • Psych Central drives clients your way through active marketing

  • We take care of all of your admin including calls, bookings, billing, and more.

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Earn money & be flexible |  Build your reputation |  Help people |  Join a community

How much will I earn?

That's the beauty of this model, you charge what you want, which means that you can negotiate with any individual or business to meet your, and their needs.

Because Psych Central does not get involved with the admin, we don't charge a fee or take a cut from your earnings.

But, the sky is the limit, we also give you full access to our platforms such as blogs, podcasts, online courses and online shopping store, where you can create & sell your own and earn passive income.

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Paper Diary

How much does it cost?

For you to list yourself on our directory and become a part of our network, we charge an annual fee of R950, which means it costs you less than R80 a month.

Does Psych Central guarantee a corporate contract or clients?

No, but this once-off fee might just land you one or two contracts that will sustain you for a long time, so see this as an opportunity to catch a break in your chosen career and live up to your potential.

What do I get?

  • You get a neatly laid out profile on our platform, but the true benefit lies in the backend. Our directory has been indexed on all the major search engines which means that it's optimized to deliver each individual profile as a separate website, meaning that you don't really need your own website.

You'll also get access to the following:

  • Our online course platform, where you can create your own online courses and earn continuous passive income.

  • Our blog post where you can write, submit, and manage your own blog. This is extremely helpful if you want to increase your exposure online, because each blog post gets indexed by search engines and distributed to millions of people daily.

  • You can even create your own podcast and launch it through our platform.

  • You gain access to our online store, where you can sell any digital products such as diaries, workbooks, and much more.

  • All of your contributions will be live on, not only our website, but also our mobile app, which means that people will be directed to your content through multiple channels, and don't forget, all of the content you produce, can have links to your own profile.

Remember, the key to success is not in finding the next client, it's about building up a reputation that will set you up for success, so use Psych Central as your vehicle.

  • You'll also get access to Ruvey & Christel, the founders of Psych Central, so you can ask them advice on anything related to business in the mental health and personal & social development space.

Virtual Team Meeting
Online Class

How will I get

booked / Hired

From our experience, fancy booking systems are not that effective, because usually there is a negotiation that needs to happen before a booking / employment can take place. That's why we mostly work with WhatsApp.

We'll ad a call-to-action button on your profile that directly opens a WhatsApp chat with you. That's basically better than a lead form, because now you can answer any question your client or prospective employer might have, to get them to book or hire you.

Don't worry, we'll still include all of your contact info on your profile.

What support can I expect?

Part of the deal is that you get instant access to the founders of Psych Central and all of their knowledge and expertise, from building a website to marketing, to invoicing to client retention to writing a resume, to running a business, and the list goes on.

We'll also guide you step-by-step in developing and managing your content like blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, online courses, product listing and much more.

All you need to do is to send us a message and we'll see how we can assist you in your endeavor.

Team Meeting

How does it work?

Simply click the link below, which will take you to an online form to complete, and make your annual payment online. We'll then take some time to build your online profile, and send you the link to your profile as soon as it's ready.

To get involved in any other endeavors such as the blog post, podcast or online course creation, which we highly recommend, just send us an email to, and we'll guide you through the process of registering & creating your content.


  • You need to be a qualified counsellorcoach or social worker, industrial psychologist or occupational therapist.

  • Be part of a professional governing/regulatory body.

  • Be open to employment opportunities or delivering services to potential clients.

  • Have access to any smart device that may be required for online services.

  • Stable internet connection.

  • Ability to communicate effectively.

  • Compassion towards people.

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