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Psych Central

Joining forces to create jobs and provide affordable healthcare to all those in need.



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The Affiliate structure is an initiative that started with psychology, offering a platform and structure for psychologists to be able to practice effectively in the South African market without the need to worry about the business aspects of being in private practice.

Since the success of it's inception, we were faced with two major dilemmas in the country, firstly, we realized that there is an even bigger demand for our structure among social workers, and secondly, the public cannot always afford the market stipulated fees of psychology.

We then worked on a way to bring these two aspects together as a solution for one another. Fortunately we've had measurable success with our affiliate structure, and can now be implemented for social work as well, but with added benefits.

If you are a social worker and would like to learn more, continue reading below:

Before we dive into the specifics, we'd like to tell you a little bit more about us.




Psych Central was incorporated in 2019, with head psychologist Christel Roets. Psych Central is multi-faceted with two main functions, we offer mental health care services to the general public in the private sector, and we also offer a supportive platform for newly qualified or existing, mental health care practitioners.


Psych Central was incorporated due to a gap in the industry, being insufficient support for qualified psychologists, and now social workers. It can be a daunting and difficult task to start up a private practice with little to no support, and that’s the gap we aim to bridge.

We’ve set out to accomplish this task by designing a structure that is guaranteed to equip independent practitioners with the needed skills that will give them the confidence required to flourish in private practice.



Christel is a registered clinical psychologist in private practice. She holds an MA. in Clinical Psychology and has worked at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital, community clinics as well as private practice for more than 5 years. She acts as head psychologist of Psych Central, and is responsible for supervisory support to independent psychology practitioners, as well as intermittent training in the area of business and psychology.


Within Psych Central, Christel is also responsible for the structural and operational functioning, including the selection of required skills offered by third party service providers, in order to effectively execute the duties of Psych Central that aligns with its overall vision and mission, and to the best interest of the public.


Are you a social worker?

If you are a social worker, chances are you're passionate about helping people, and more often than not, not so passionate about business.

Business is a specialist craft that comes with years of practice and a ton of failures, and as much as some people get it 'right' the first time, it remains a tough field and if you're not passionate about business, you won't do well or probably fail.

Our structure is designed to take away all of the difficult tasks from social workers like websites, marketing and admin, and letting the social workers do what they do best, help people.


What is the difference between other directories and Psych Central?


Other directories offer you an online space where you can create a profile yourself, and sometimes offer some extra functionality like being able to accept bookings online, but that’s pretty much it, you still need to manage your own business in the end.


Psych Central is NOT a directory, Psych Central is an admin house, and a business partner to all of our practitioners. We also, provide you with an online profile, which we build for you, and then comes all the extras that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • We take care of admin, including collecting fees, making appointments, taking calls, paperwork, and a ton of other administrative duties. You'll benefit from an entire admin team and organizational structure, trained and dedicated to make your practice run smoothly. We make every effort to give your clients the best experience, not only with you, but from the time they land on our website.

  • We're fully online and capable. This means that all of this is done remotely and effortlessly. You just check your digital calendar for any appointments and join via Zoom. All the necessary admin, payments, etc. is done in the background and remotely, so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • We do marketing, spending hours, and thousands of Rands to drive clients your way. This means you benefit from our top-down marketing strategy that lowers cost yet increases exposure.

  • Because we even process the payments from your clients, you get paid in bulk at month end, which means that it still feels like a salary at the end of each month, so you know what to expect.

  • You are backed by a well-established brand, providing credibility, and making it easier to offer additional services such as workshops and online courses.


  • You get full access to our directors for business advice and coaching.

  • Your own professional business profile on our websites, so no need for an additional website or other running costs.

  • Our powerful online booking system, making it easier for your clients to book online and manage their appointments with less room for error. Clients also make use of our mobile app to book and manage their appointments with you.

  • Opportunity to generate passive income through our online portal. We are available to help you create courses, workshops and more, and we have the platform to host such events virtually through our mobile app, and we'll also do marketing for your course or event.

  • You get access to monthly peer supervision sessions online, allowing you to join in and present a case study if you wanted to, or merely to learn from others.

  • Become part of a warm community and network of mental health professionals through our platform, community groups and and social events such as hiking in your area and pizza nights.​

  • You make your own hours. You can allocate any number of hours and days to Psych Central, however, keep in mind to maintain consistence when allocating time slots.

  • And then lastly, the opportunity to grow within Psych Central. We value your input and are constantly working on new ways to create opportunities for you to grow.



Once you’ve decided to join Psych Central's Social Workers, click any of the links labelled "JOIN NOW". You'll be redirected to an online form which you need to complete in detail and submit. You can choose everything such as your preferred clients, available hours, and area of interest & expertise. Please make sure to complete this thoroughly as we’ll use this information to build your online profile.

Once you've submitted this document, we'll start building you online profile and let you know as soon as it's done.


While you're waiting for us to complete your profile, we'll give you access to our short course on private practice, outlining a few important aspects of private practice to consider in order to be successful.


Once this is done, we’ll send you a short induction document, outlining how everything works, from adding and managing your digital calendar to accessing your clients.




You will get paid in bulk on the last day of each month.


We'll pay you a flat rate of R379.60, per session of 51 - 60 minutes.



  • You need to be a registered Social Worker, registered with the SACSSP​

  • You need to have a private space to conduct online therapy, free from interference and noise.

  • You need to have a stable internet connection, capable of handling online video calls.

  • You need to be able to commit to the times allocated to Psych Central, in other words, if you make available your 2pm’s on Tuesdays, we might book a client in that slot, which you cannot move or just not pitch up for the session, as Psych Central prides itself on quality service. (If you consistently default on this requirement, you will be removed from the affiliate structure.)

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