We provide Psychotherapy in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho



Psych Central is a psychology practice that was incorporated with head psychologist Christel Roets. We are multi-faceted with two main functions: We aim to offer high quality psychological services to individuals, couples and families, while providing psychologists with a supportive environment to establish themselves in private practice.

Psych Central Inc. was established to create an environment that can cater for various mental health needs, including psychotherapy and psychological assessment. With various therapists, we try to find the perfect fit for you with a therapist you can relate to and build a trusting relationship with.



Costs & Duration

Will My Medical Aid Pay?

Therapy is NOT a cheap service, but fortunately, if you are on a medical aid, you should have funds available for therapy. You may even be eligible to qualify for mental health cover on a basic hospital plan.

Let Psych Central do an assessment to see if you qualify. We'll also write a letter of recommendation, and submit the application on your behalf.


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Sessions for individuals are up to 50 minutes and the cash rate is R850. Couples sessions are up to 80 minutes and the cash rate is R1,300.

We can however claim directly from your medical aid, which will then be at the specific medical aid rate.

When making your booking online, please add your medical aid detail in the provided space so that we can check for pre-approval. Check Now

Call or WhatsApp: (+27) 066 259 1627

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

The world is changing, and those able to adapt, will see the benefits and continue to grow.

For some it may feel unnatural at first, but pretty soon they won't even realize that they're not in the same room. For that hour or less, they're connected and fully engaged.

Our online system will generate a link to join your session remotely. This link will be sent to your contact number as an SMS and also to your provided email address.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.



Psych Central has two directors as Christel Roets, Head Psychologist, and Ruvey Roets, Managing Director

Our treating psychology team consists of 10 highly qualified and experienced psychologists, including clinical, counselling & educational psychologists.

Their specialities range from adults to children, and individuals as well as couples, & families.




Head Psychologist



Managing Director/Life Coach

Sanam Naran

Counseling Psychologist

Shelley Bernhard

Counseling Psychologist

Nicola Sumption

Counseling Psychologist

Candice Britz

Counseling Psychologist

Lauré Coulter

Clinical Psychologist

Julia Haslam

Rivka Hadar

Clinical Psychologist

Kavishka Moodley

Counseling Psychologist


Services We Offer

  • thought-catalog-jnRWLoBbzx4-unsplash_edi

    Adults, Adolescents, Children

    Individual therapy is available in person or via online.

    It deals with multiple disorders and problems. Read more here

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    Couples Therapy is available in person or via online.

    It deals mostly with communication between partners. Read more here

  • qusai-akoud-ClCpHruKYMY-unsplash (1)_edi

    2+ Individuals

    Family therapy is available in person or via online.

    It deals with the family dynamic, usually to resolve conflict. Read more here

  • katherine-chase-uNNvGTSwFtw-unsplash_edi

    Age 0 - 18

    Child therapy is available in person or via online for children, 13 years and older.

    The aim is to mediate between child and guardian in an effective manner. Read more here

  • Age 13+

    Online therapy is available for 13+ years.

    Online therapy will be conducted via 'Healthbridge' Read more here

Call or WhatsApp: (+27) 066 259 1627