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Psych Central 
Practice Management


Psych Central has been around since 2019, and since then we've grown into an amazing team of friendly & efficient people.

We've also ironed out all the wrinkles that come with running a private practice and today we can proudly say that we've found the sweet spot, from client liaison, to billing, to the latest in technology.


Now we're offering all of this as an outsourced service to psychologists all over the country, and you can take advantage of this too.


Let us run you practice for you today. 

What does this mean?

This means that you literally will not have any admin to do, all you'll need to do is therapy. When your clients, new or existing, call or message, our team will assist them in real time, advising, making bookings, managing consent forms & payments, and even giving directions. Our team will even complete PMB applications and handle any admissions if needed.

On your end, you'll look at your calendar which will have all of your bookings, with Zoom links if it's an online session, and you just show up for the session. If you need any changes made to your diary, you just send a WhatsApp message to our team.

No Payments, No forms, No calls, No Nothing

What do we offer?

profile Management

We'll build a profile page for you, hosted & managed on our website. You can direct your clients or advertisement to this page.

Our admin team will make sure all your bookings are managed. You'll be notified of any changes in real time.

Bookings & Follow-Ups

Billing & Accounts

We'll take care of all billing, including medical aid claims, PMB submissions & payment processing, as well as account queries.

All of your online sessions will be managed. We'll generate Zoom links and send it to both you and your client.

Online Session Management

Client Liaison

Our dedicated team will manage all communication with your new & existing clients in real time. You only provide therapy to your clients.

This is an extra service which you may opt for if you'd like us to run your Google marketing campaign, which comes at an extra charge, and is subject to certain criteria being met.


How does it work?


Once you've decided to use our Practice Management Solution, click the link below. You'll be redirected to an online form which you need to complete and submit.


This information will be used to build your online profile, so be sure to take your time to properly answer al the questions on the form.


Once you’ve been approved, we’ll start building your online profile, and allocate all necessary tools such as email address, Zoom account, Google Drive & Calendar, etc.


Once this is done, we’ll send you a short induction document, outlining how everything works, from adding and managing your digital calendar to accessing your clients. We'll also schedule a Zoom call with you to familiarize you with everything, and introduce you to the team that will be taking care of you and your practice.


What's the catch?


Psych Central will collect payments from clients on your behalf, and pay you for all of your sessions monthly, less R 150 per session. The catch is that we'll charge your clients at our standard practice rate, which for 2023, the cash rate is R 1,300 per session, subject to an annual increase. Medical aid clients are charged at the specific medical aid rate and other admin fees may apply.


This means that, for 2023 you will be paid R 1,150 per session.

NOTE: If you want marketing services as well, the rate is R250 per session, which means that you will be paid R 1,050 per session.


  • Master’s degree in psychology

  • You need to be a qualified psychologist and registered for private practice with the HPCSA. (No need to be registered with the BHF.)

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