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Get a medical-cover check.

Please complete the form below . We'll check if you have funds available and get back to you ASAP.

Medical Cover Check
Please bear in mind that, although your medical aid may approve psychotherapy at the time of the check, you are not guaranteed that you have funds available or that your aid will cover our rate in full at the time of your appointment.
If we submit a claim to your medical aid provider which gets rejected, you will automatically become liable for the outstanding amount and thus will need to settle such amount yourself.


Thanks, we'll get back to you soon.


Most medical aid plans, regardless of the provider has something called 'Prescribed Minimum Benefits', (PMB), which is a separate fund specifically for mental health, which does not form part of your plan's savings. If your plan does not cover psychotherapy, or you've run out of savings, we can apply for PMB on your behalf. (Read more here)

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