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Join Psych Central's Online Peer Supervision

Become part of our community & earn CPD Points

Psych Central is a large community of professionals and we're ever trying to add more people to our 'family'.


Who Is Psych Central?

Psych Central is a community of professionals, mostly psychologist of all walks of life.

We provide psychotherapy amongst many other smaller services to our clients, and at the same time, we provide the infrastructure for professionals to bloom in private practice.

We're all about community & support, and that's why we started the initiative of opening up our peer supervision groups to the whole of South Africa.


How Does It Work?

The Application

In order to join our supervision groups, and earn CPD points, there are certain requirements as stipulated by the HPCSA and relevant accreditation facilities that we need to meet.

One of these requirements is that a CV of each participant needs to be submitted. When you click the JOIN NOW button, you'll be asked to complete the form, and then attach your latest CV, which will accompany each application to the HPCSA.

After submitting your application, you'll be emailed a consent form which you'll need to sigh digitally and return back to us.

Taking Note

How to Join?

The group sessions are added to our website as events, which you have to RSVP for if you want to join. This is because we can only allow a certain number of participants per session.

The link to-, together with the date and time of the event will be shared on the Psych Central Peer WhatsApp group.


If you are not part of the group, please email us on 

The Platform

When you RSVP to a session, you will automatically receive a Zoom link via email. At the time, follow the link to join the session.

You will also be asked to add this even to your Google calendar, please do so, so that you'll be reminded, as we highly value the slots and want everyone in the group to have equal chance of attending the sessions.

Virtual Team Meeting
Working at Home


We'll send a message on the WhatsApp group, asking for volunteers to present a case, you may then respond indicating your interest.


We'll then send you all the requirements via email, which we'll need prior to the presentation date, as this needs to be submitted for accreditation..

If you fail to submit the requirements before the communicated date, we'll need to elect someone else to present, at which point you may then choose to present on a later date.

CPD Points

All participants will receive 2 general CPD points, facilitators will receive 3 general CPD points, and Presenters will receive 4 general CPD points.


The Sessions

Sessions will all be online via Zoom, and have no more than 15 participants. This is to avoid large groups where participants struggle to partake in the conversation.


Each session will be 2 hours and hosted weekly. We have morning sessions and evening sessions, however, sessions may not always be repeated and you may miss specific sessions, presenters or topics

Rules & Requirements

First of all, you'll be required to sign our consent form which will outline all the rules and regulations pertaining to the confidentiality of any subject.

  • All participants should be a registered psychologist with the HPCSA.

  • Participants may not be late and will not be allowed into sessions more than 5 minutes after start time. These participants will also not be entitled to a refund.

  • Participants may not switch off their camera for whatever reason. This is to allow each presenter and participant a valuable audience.

  • Respect each other's viewpoints and opinions, and allow the other to finish a statement.

  • Please follow the instructions and guidance of the group facilitator/s.

Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild


Hosting these group sessions is not Psych Central's main business venture and therefor we do not intend to profit from it, however each case presentation will have administrative expenses. 

For this reason, each participant will be charged R100.

***Presenters and facilitators will not be charged.***


Theoretical Perspectives

The case presentations will not be based on any specific theoretical approach. We love the diversity of psychology and therefor believe that we can all add a valuable contribution, regardless of the perspective we practice from. 

Presenter Requirements

What you'll need to present a case

  • PowerPoint Presentation - we want to encourage presenters to think outside of the box, there is no need to stick to the traditional way of presenting.

  • Academic Article < 10Years to accompany your presentation.

  • HPCSA  Registration Number.

  • Curriculum Vitae.

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