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Life can be absolutely beautiful, I just wish everyone could know how.

What is life coaching ,and does it work?

There are many official definitions out there, but I like to give my own.

Life coaching is essentially helping people, based on one's own life experiences, to avoid the same mistakes when trying to change their lives.

I have truly experienced A LOT, and on top of that, I am somewhat obsessed with human behaviour and personal development.

One session with me WILL change your life. You will never view the world the same ;-)


There are a lot of different subcategories, but we’re breaking down ‘life coaching’ into two sub categories, which are ‘transformation coaching’ and ‘goal achievement coaching’. Now, these two are somewhat different as in how they approach a specific problem or goal, however, both ultimately forms part of the main objective, which is to get from point A to point B.

Transformation might mean something totally different for each individual, but for me, transformation means that you become a different version of yourself. Now as much as everybody would like to be able to just ‘become a different version’ it isn’t that easy due to a lot of strong factors such as our born temperaments and adopted beliefs.


Born temperaments cannot be changed, but our adopted beliefs can. I will teach you how to change the beliefs that are preventing you from transformation and ultimately achieving your goals. I will also teach you how to analyse your strengths and weaknesses that are inherent to your naturally born temperament. These ‘personality traits’ sometimes keep us from achieving our goals, and even though we cannot change them, we can learn to recognise them and then work with them rather than against them.

A ‘belief’, is a ‘thing’, and you are your beliefs, so essentially, you are a ‘thing’, your name is a thing, your surname is a thing, your arm is a thing, your financial status is a thing, and it’s who you identify with. We are all born without any knowledge, secondary fears or beliefs, and over time, we think and act in alignment with our beliefs. So, change the beliefs, and you ultimately change who you are.

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ANYONE WHO'S stuck in life...

I see so many people every day, stuck in life, struggling to find love, struggling to make money or get a job, struggling with themselves & not having enough confidence to do what they want.

This is the root of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and pain.


Throughout the last 15 years I have studied life like a scientist to figure out why some people just never seem to catch a break, myself being one of those people for a very long time, and every day I learned something new and inch-by-inch I moved closer to the answer.

You truly can have whatever you want, if you just know how. Let me teach you how.

Call or WhatsApp: 084 563 5697


Call or WhatsApp: 084 563 5697


If, after the session you feel that you did not get value for your money, simply let me know and I will gladly refund your money for that session, it's that easy.

Call or WhatsApp: 084 563 5697