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"Life is absolutely beautiful once you understand the 'mechanics' of it."



Hi, my name is Ruvey, and I am a life coach, better known as Coach Ruvey.

I've been obsessively studying the human mind for more than 14 years, studying and recognizing patterns of both successful, and unsuccessful people.
I've been a part of nearly all statistics such as depression, and through studying the mind, I was able to break free from those statistics by reprogramming my own mind, eliminating the limiting beliefs adopted from society.
Now I dedicate my life to helping others that are stuck, controlled by their own limiting beliefs, to break free from the ideology created by society, and living a fulfilled and blissful life.
At Psych Central I act as the managing director, providing a platform for psychologists working with us to learn and grow their business skills. I am passionate about running workshops on different topics and will be developing some new programs through this platform as well.

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